ID Bracelets for Kids!



How do I put the bracelets on my child's wrist?

Bracelets come with an adhesive strip on the back. Wrap around your child's wrist and press the adhesive strip into place. 

Can my child remove the bracelet?

 Bracelets can only be removed if they were sized incorrectly when put on. By taking  care to put the bracelet on properly, it can only be removed with scissors. Alternatively, bracelets can be put on too tight and will be uncomfortable for your child. (Please note that older children as well as VERY tenacious kids might be able to figure out a way to remove the wristbands. Also, kids with sensory issues may find the wristbands unbearable.)

What size wrist do TigTagz bracelets fit?

TigTagz bracelets fit any wrist that is up to about 6.25 inches. Most women with small wrists can wear them.

Can I use the bracelets in the pool?

Yes. Bracelets are water-resistent and do great in the pool, bath and at the beach.

Do the bracelets rip or tear?

It is virtually impossible for any child (or adult) to rip or tear TigTagz bracelets. Kids have even tried to chew them off with no luck! (Please note that older children as well as VERY tenacious kids might be able to figure out a way to remove the wristbands. Also, kids with sensory issues may find the wristbands unbearable.)

What age is too young/too old for TigTagz ID bracelets?

TigTagz bracelets are perfect for any child that can slip out of your sight and not be able to effectively communicate your phone number to a good samaritan. Ages vary from child to child.

What information should I put on my child's wristband?

TigTagz does not recommend using a child's or parent's name on wristbands. A simple statement such as "I'm lost please call" followed by a phone number is best.

How do the medical alerts work?

Medical alerts can be invaluable and are printed in red. Remember that the alert should be brief and to the point. For example: "PEANUT ALLERGY" or "SEIZURES" or "I HAVE AUTISM". You do not need to include extensive medical information as the point of the bracelet is to allow you and your child to be reunited immediately. Put the most important information on the bracelet.

Can I put my own graphics on the bracelets?

Yes. For an extra fee we can easily design special bracelets for you. Please contact for more information.

Who else can use the bracelets?

TigTagz bracelets can also be used for camps, birthday parties and group events. The uses are limitless! Be creative.




How do I apply the iron-on labels?

~ Peel the iron-on patch off of the backing. ~ Preheat iron to “cotton” setting and ensure that the steam is turned OFF. ~ Place iron-on patch, print -side UP, in desired location and cover with a light colored piece of fabric. It is recommended that you iron on a solid surface covered with a pillowcase or similar. ~ Using FIRM PRESSURE, apply iron for approximately 10-15 seconds. Do not move iron back and forth as you normally would. ~ If any edges are still loose, re-apply iron for another 5 seconds.

How do I personalize the labels myself?

 We recommend using a Sharpie-like fine-tipped permanent pen.


How long does shipping take?

All of our orders are shipped within 24-48 hours via the United States Post Office. First Class shipping does not include tracking (so we can keep our costs down) and can take up to a week. We also offer Priority and Express mail for quicker deliveries.

Can you ship TigTagz to my hotel?

We absolutely can ship TigTagz to your hotel while on vacation. However, over time, we have found that this is not a reliable way to receive your order. Most customers arrive at their hotel only to find that they are "lost" or "never arrived".

My order hasn't arrived. What should I do?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for orders to arrive. If you have not received it in that timeframe, please notify us at and we will re-ship your order or refund your money.



Do you do fundraising?

TigTagz LOVES to do fundraising for any group that supports children and families. Please contact for more information. We can even design a special wristband for the event.